Saturday, 1 November 2008

Wedding Preview - Kacey and Luke

This wedding has special meaning for us, Kacey is Nathan's sister. Although Nathan did not photograph the wedding (apart from a few shots where he couldn't help himself), it was still covered by other members of the Pure Moments Team, Danny and Gary. The weather was sensational and we had plenty of time for photos before the reception, enough time for Luke to even give us a few smiles...!!!

The service was at Shepherds Hill in Newcastle while the reception was at Northville Lodge. Below are some samples from the day, comments welcome.


Anonymous said...

We ADORE them... Thankyou sooo much!! xxx

Anonymous said...

Kacey it was the best day and the pictures have really picked the day up beautifully.... once again congratulations Kacey and Luke xoxo

Anonymous said...

The photo's are wonderful.I want an album when they are all done.Carol xxx