Thursday, 20 November 2014

Wedding Preview - Elana and Damien

Date: 1st November 2014
Groom Preparations: Macquarie Inn, Argenton
Bride Preparations: Private Residence, Cameron Park
Service: Club Macquarie, Argenton
Additional Photos Locations: Abandoned Service Station, Booragul
Additional Photos Locations: Boardwalk over Lake Macquarie, Valentine
Reception: Club Macquarie, Argenton

The day Elana and Damien had chosen to get married looked to be a beautiful clear spring day. After preparations, the service was held on the water's edge of Cockle Creek in magnificent sunshine. At the end of the service you would not have thought it was the same day, the weather was about to take a turn for the worst, right at the time we wanted to be outside for photos.

With the service over and a big storm looming, we hurried down to the first photo location. At the abandoned service station (see below), we took some fantastic photos with the storm closing in. With one location complete and rain starting to come down, we moved to the second location. On our way there we were hit by the storm front and we all thought out photo time was going to be cut short. Once arriving at Valentine Boardwalk, the weather cleared giving us more time for photos. The timing could not have been any better and ended up being only a precursor to the great night ahead. As always, comments welcome.

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